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Weatherproofing Your Roof For Longer Life

weatherproofing your roof for longer life

Well constructed roofs are built to last. When the job is done properly, the work should stand up to the effects of time. That said, even the best work suffers wear and tear, weathering from the elements. All roofs will face the need for repairs eventually, but there are things you can do in the interim to protect your investment, and get the most out of your roof.

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Top 4 Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

When it comes to your roof, it is best if it just works. Nobody wants to be inside of a building that they own, or a building that someone else owns and finding out that the rood has been compromised. Not only is a leaky roof annoying, but it can also cause damage to the structure of the building and, in some scenarios, lead to unsafe conditions within the building itself. At Tennessee Commercial Roofing & Construction, Inc., we perform a wide range of roofing construction services across Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Our team has years of experience in all aspects of roofing construction and, in today’s blog post, we wanted to go over some of the most common causes of roofing damage. If you haven’t read our previous blog post on common commercial roof issues, we suggest you go back and do so now because this blog further expands on many of the ideas presented in that blog.

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Common Comercial Roof Issues


Here at Tennessee Roofing & Construction, Inc., we’ve seen just about any problem that you can think of when it comes to commercial roofing. We’ve been around since 1994 and, since then, we have worked with hundreds of businesses to make sure that their roof does not let them down when they need it the most. In today’s post, we wanted to give back a little to our readers and go over some of the most common commercial roof issues that we have experienced and that others are likely to experience with their roof. Continue reading to learn more!

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Roof Repair Chattanooga: 7 Tips for Expanding the Life of Commercial Roofing

Roof Repair Chattanooga: Protecting Your Investment

Roof Repair ChattanoogaTennessee Roofing and Construction offers our commercial, hospitality and industrial customers roof repair and maintenance solutions that are affordable and can extend the life of your building for the maximum return on investment.

Long-lasting facilities start with quality pre-construction consulting, engineering and design services. Many of our customers in and around the Tennessee communities of Chattanooga, Hixson, Cleveland, Dayton, Dunlap, Knoxville, South Pittsburg and Kimball choose Tennessee Roofing and Construction to successfully complete their commercial and industrial roofing projects. Because of our experience meeting the high standards of major national retail brands, our certified installers of high-quality products, and our 2-year performance guarantee on roof installations and roof leak repairs above the beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, our client’s know when they work with us they will receive a quality they can trust.

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