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It’s a New Year! Is It Time for a Roof Inspection?

Chattanooga roof inspectionOver time, the elements from severe storms, changes in season, harsh summer sun, and the bitter, winter wind often leaves shingles in need of a professional roof inspection to assess the functionality and efficiency of your roof. Much like us, roofs also require routine check-ups at the doctor and proper care to ensure their longevity. The key to a healthy roof is schedule annual inspections and prompt roof repairs, when needed.

Studies report that overdue preventative maintenance and roofing services can limit the life expectancy by half! If your roof has fallen into disrepair, you should be covered with your extended year warranty when or if something goes wrong, right? Think again. In fact, most manufacturer warranties provide a disclaimer to void a warranty, if the roof has lacked the proper maintenance. Without proof of a roof inspection or repair, a warranty claim cannot be supported.


The 3 indicators a roof inspection is required:


  1. Visual damage to roofing or gutters. Following severe storms, check for damage in drainage areas. Be on the lookout for missing shingles or debris.
  2. Visual Water damage. This could be water spots, an aggressive leak, damp insulation, signs of mildew or moisture odor throughout the house.
  3. The last roof inspection was three or more years ago. It is recommended to perform professional roof inspections annually. Don’t wait for major roof damage before taking notice!

So, when is the right time for a roof inspection?

Have an annual roof inspection performed once before the threat of severe weather season and again after. If you are new to a home with an aging roof, or have not had your roof professionally inspected in several years, the right time is now! There is no need to wait until the obvious signs of roofing damage to indicate the time for an inspection.

Do you need a roof inspection?

If your roof is in need of evaluating or replacing, Tennessee Roofing can help! Give us a call today at (423) 842-8826 for the answers to all your questions about Chattanooga roof inspection and Chattanooga roofing repair.

How to Hang Christmas Lights This Holiday Season To Avoid Damage to the Roof

hang-christmas-lights-avoid-damage-to-the-roof‘Tis the season for twinkling lights and glowing reindeer roof displays. While feeling merry and bright – pun intended – many of us this time of year get the seasonal urge to bust out the holiday boxes brimming with tangled lights just waiting to be unraveled. But first, let’s explore the critical steps prior to and during your holiday light installation, to avoid damage to the roof, keeping you and your housetop safe this Christmas.

Step 1: Gather essentials

Step 2: Measure thoroughly

Step 3: Evaluate structure

Step 4: Install cautiously

Step 5: Store properly



DO: Detangle Christmas lights before climbing onto the roof. It’s a simple step to avoid injury and save you unnecessary time spent on your roof.

DO: Use only outdoor rated extension cords. Outdoor cords have tough covers made from rubber, plastic or vinyl. Using indoor extension cords outside can lead to overheating.

DO: Test bulbs annually to check for outages before installing. It’s a much easier fix to locate the bad bulb while on the ground and before you spend hours putting them up.



The best and safest way to hang your exterior illumination display this Christmas is to use light clips found at your local hardware or home improvement store. Designed for easy install and removal, these fixtures are affordable and professionally recommended to minimize damage to the roof – unlike other methods, such as nails or staples. When in doubt, never trust Clark Griswold when hanging your holiday lights!

While it may seem like the easy way to install your 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights, it can cause moisture leaks, leading to long-term damage reducing the lifespan of your roof. Tip: During installation, wear safe shoes, be sure each clip is sufficiently supported, and spend a limited amount of time walking on your shingles to avoid unnecessary damage to the roof. Attach string lights to clips on the ground, while carefully climbing the ladder, using one strand at a time. Remember, most lights are glass so avoid rough handling during install to prevent broken bulbs.



Once it’s time to put away the holiday cheer… until next year, carefully remove the lights and their clips, instead of pulling. If not done properly, it can cause major damage to the roof or attached structure. When storing, eliminate the headache and avoid untangling next year by wrapping each strand around a sturdy piece of cardboard, large power cord holder, or organizing with plastic zip ties. Until next time, be safe and have a happy holidays from your Chattanooga roofing company, Tennessee Roofing & Construction.


For all your roofing questions and needs, give us a call today at, (423) 842-8826.

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