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What Is a Green Roof?

green roof

We know roofs! From roof shingles, metal roofing, roof repair, commercial, and residential… you name it! But there is one roofing trend that hasgained recent attention and popularity in the US: green roofs. These roofing systems are not only green, but living too!

What Exactly is a Green Roof?

Along with environmentally friendly materials, an eco-roof involves growing plants on rooftops, such as a roof garden, in effort to restore the natural footprint that was previously removed during construction. While generally limited to flat rooftops, a green roof can be used on both commercial and residential rooftops. Commercial structures are often park-like for public recreation. One of the most famous American green rooftops is Chicago’s City Hall, which has launched an eco-movement of the urbanized concrete jungle.

Benefits of a Green Roof:

  • Increase the lifespan of your roof
  • Reduce energy costs with natural insulation
  • Avoid the need for complex drainage systems due to absorbed storm water
  • Mitigate water runoff and sewer overflows
  • Produce oxygen and provide shade
  • Recreational area for people and animals
  • Improves air quality and helps to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, a condition in which metropolitan areas emit, absorb, and trap heat due to excess energy consumption.
  • Promote environmentalism while solving the problems of conventional roofs
  • Reduce energy consumption that contributes to global warming


Depending on region, climate, and irrigation, a variety of shrubs, grass, and vegetation can be planted to add life to an unwelcoming rooftop. These green roof systems not only make this space more efficient, but also beautiful and useful. But just like any roof, the layers of a green roof must properly accommodate for drainage to protect the structure using advanced waterproofing materials. One such material, Thermoplastic Polyolefin TPO, has membranes that are resistant to high winds and hail damage, which improve long-term durability and weatherability.

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