Offering metal design, fabrication, and erection in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

Tennessee Roofing & Construction understands how critical safety and quality are to Chattanooga metal design, fabrication and erection. Our experience comes into play when handling architecturally and structurally complex metal building projects—large and small.

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What makes TRC the best erectors?

The term “erector” refers to whoever has been contracted to erect a metal building system. Our success as erectors is due to our ability to design, furnish and erect first-rate pre-engineered building solutions. By having your Chattanooga metal design, fabrication, and erection project led by Tennessee Roofing & Construction, you receive:

  • Experts in pre-engineered modeling.
  • The knowledge required for complex specifications.
  • A pristine safety record.
  • Experience with federal and state construction and safety regulations, including OSHA.

What goes into erecting a metal building system?

You can trust Tennessee Roofing & Construction to provide any labor, tools, and equipment necessary to safely and adequately erect any metal building system. Where needed, we will provide temporary bracing for securing the structural framing against wind loads on exposed framing. If necessary, we will also provide compressed air and electric power required for the metal building system’s erection if commercial power is unavailable at the job site.

How should the site of the metal building system be prepared?

All we require is a job site that is clean and accessible to trucks for delivery of materials and erection equipment. In addition, this work area needs to be free of any existing structure not being tied into the metal building system. This helps the job site be fully accessible for our trucks to deliver, store, and layout materials to erect your metal building system.

Tennessee Roofing & Construction can help with your metal design, fabrication, and erection!

At TRC, we have the ability to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations because of our team of highly trained professionals. Working with our experts is a seamless process involving the highest customer service possible. For additional information on metal design, fabrication, and erection in Chattanooga, call Tennessee Roofing and Construction at 423-842-8826 or contact us online.