Offering structural steel design, fabrication, and erection in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

Structural steel design, fabrication, and erection is a complex task to tackle, but Tennessee Roofing & Construction is up for the challenge. Our experience comes into play when handling architecturally and structurally complex steel building projects.

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How we prepare the job site for structural steel design, fabrication, and erection.

The design, fabrication, and construction of structural steelwork consists of gathering steel segments into a frame on the work site. But before we can do so, we prepare the site in the following ways:

  • TN Roofing & Construction professionals confirm the foundations are suitable and safe for erection.
  • We will either jack, lift and place components into position or use cranes.
  • Then our team will align the structure, ensuring that column bases are lined and leveled.
  • The last step in preparation is completing all the bolted connections to secure rigidity.

What goes into a structural steel design, fabrication, and erection project?

Structural steelwork fabrication and construction offers sustainable material for your structure’s development. Lifting and putting sections into position and connecting them is a vital step, but structural steelwork also includes:

  • Planning the development of the structural steel.
  • Using the proper construction equipment and methodology for heavy lifts and perpendicular jacking.
  • The procurement of the materials necessary for the job within a brief timeframe.
  • Fabricating structures such as trusses, shafts, angles, plates, and concave sections.

Tennessee Roofing & Construction can help with your structural steel design, fabrication, and erection!

At TRC, we have the skills, knowledge, and practice necessary for steel fabrication and erection. All steel structures demand different types of construction processes, so trust our experts to determine which is appropriate. Working with our experts is a seamless process involving the best steel fabrication tools and equipment. For additional information on structural steel design, fabrication, and erection in Chattanooga, call Tennessee Roofing and Construction at 423-842-8826 or contact us online.