Offering rooftop safety railing services in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

Rooftop railings systems are a critical form of fall prevention and can be completely customized to fit your unique project or rooftop. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. It’s best to prepare early, nobody wants a workplace accident. That’s why guardrails are the perfect passive fall protection system. 

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Are Tennessee Roofing and Construction safety railings OSHA compliant?

Yes, all of our rooftop railings are OSHA compliant. OSHA’s requirements for guardrails can be summarized by ensuring that:

  • The top rail is 42″ tall from the walking surface.
  • The middle rail is halfway between the top rail and the walking surface.
  • The rail can withstand a 200 lb. force in a downward or outward direction.

With each rooftop, we follow these guidelines and follow any manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Need help deciding between permanent or temporary rooftop safety rails?

Permanent or temporary guardrails can be built for your rooftop, it’s just a question of which is more appropriate. Temporary safety railings are often used during construction projects, whereas permanent safety rails are necessary if the roof frequently has foot traffic. When considering which rooftop safety rail system is best for your roof, it’s important to consider:

  • How often are people accessing your roof?
  • Do you have concerns about longevity?
  • What kind of work is being done?

It isn’t a decision you have to make alone, at Tennessee Roofing and Construction we are happy to assist.

Tennessee Roofing & Construction can help with your rooftop safety rails!

Per OSHA, “Employers are required to assess the workplace to determine if the walking/working surfaces on which employees are to work have the strength and structural integrity to safely support workers.” Rooftop railings systems are a vital example of this Whether you need a permanent guardrail system or just have a temporary roof project, our fall protection specialists at TRC can assist you in finding the right solution. For additional information on our roofing services in Chattanooga, call Tennessee Roofing and Construction at 423-842-8826 or contact us online.