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Friday, October 14, 2022

Metal Roof vs Shingles

There are a few things to consider when choosing between a metal roof vs shingles. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material, but metal roofing is gaining popularity. Each type of roofing has its own pros and cons.

The Cost of Each

Asphalt shingles are popular with homeowners because they are excellent and have a lower price. Metal roofs take more specialized knowledge to install and are more expensive. Prices vary based on brand and location. Generally, metal roofs are more expensive. 

The Time It Takes to Install

Asphalt shingle roofs have shorter installation times than metal roofs. This is because asphalt shingles are more common, so every roofer knows the ins and outs of how to install them.

Metal roofs require more skill and specialized knowledge to install. The installation has very little room for error, so contractors must be very precise. Because of this, metal roofs take a bit longer to install.

The Longevity of the Roof

Most homeowners prioritize the longevity of roofing materials when it’s time for a replacement. A durable roof can save you money on future repairs. This is especially beneficial for homes in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Shingles and metal roofing are both durable options, but metal roofing is more durable thanks to its ability to resist water. Asphalt shingles will absorb water and freeze in cold temperatures, but metal roofs do not absorb water from rain or snow. Asphalt shingles last 20 to 25 years, whereas metal roofs last 50 to 70 years.

The Appearance of a Metal Roof vs Shingles

The roofing material and color you choose can have a big impact on your home’s overall appearance, including its curb appeal. When making changes to your home, many homeowners take resale value into consideration. Metal roofs have traditionally been seen as unattractive, but modern metal roofing has come a long way in terms of style.

Both metal roofing and asphalt shingles have come a long way in terms of aesthetics. They both offer homeowners a variety of sleek, sophisticated, and stylish options.

Metal roofing can be laid in various ways to resemble other roofing materials, including asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles also come in a variety of colors and can add a lot of depth and dimension to a roof. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual homeowner’s preferences in terms of aesthetics and design.

Maintenance for the Roof

Regular maintenance of an asphalt roof is required for it to reach its full potential of longevity. Materials can break down over time and need repair or replacement. This includes metal flashing, adhesives, sealants, and rubber pipe boots (flashing for plumbing pipes that come through the roof. Metal roofs require less regular maintenance than shingle roofs, but even shingles don’t need much upkeep.

Its Resistance to the Elements

Both roofing materials offer fire resistance, but metal roofing is more resistant. Additionally, weather can more easily damage asphalt shingles than metal.

Heavy rain, snow, and wind can cause shingles to lose granules over time. So, overall, metal roofs are more resistant to fire and storm damage than shingle roofs. Hail does not dent metal roofs, despite what many think.

Protecting the Environment

People nowadays want to know the environmental considerations of the products they consume, including roofing materials. Asphalt shingle roofs are not traditionally eco-friendly because recycling them is expensive and not common practice.

Approximately 12 million tons of asphalt materials are sent to landfills annually. However, increased efforts are being made to recycle asphalt shingles and other asphalt materials. Metal roofs are more easily recyclable than shingles. Also, since metal lasts for decades, it does not contribute to landfills as quickly.

Metal Roof vs Shingles Pros and Cons

Overall, metal roofs and asphalt shingle roofs offer different advantages for different homeowners. While metal roofs offer the best overall performance of the two, asphalt shingles still stand out in a few categories. If you are still unsure about which roof would be best for your home, call Tennessee Roofing & Construction, Inc. at 423-842-8826. We’d be happy to visit and offer suggestions.

Monday, May 09, 2022

Don’t Forget to Add Safety Railing Systems as Part of Your Chattanooga Commercial Roofing Project


“I am not scared of heights, I’m scared of falling.” – Anonymous

While we can’t do much to help someone with a fear of heights (acrophobia), safety railing installed by Tennessee Roofing & Construction can go a long way to alleviate the fear of falling (basophobia) and reduce liability to companies.

The Many Uses of Safety Railing

Our safety railing systems include guardrails and barricades, as found atop commercial and public buildings. It just makes sense to add some perimeter protection to prevent someone from accidentally falling from a roof onto lower levels. This is always a risk on roof edges, but can also happen along fixed stairs, ramps, walkways, and platforms.

Safety railing discourages people from going places that aren’t safe for them to go or spots where they have no compelling need to access. Railing only makes for safer rooftops but also protects workers and machinery from warehouse traffic, directs the flow of movement on pedestrian walkways, serves as fencing, and offers weight-bearing support and ADA compliance for those with mobility issues.

Roof Repair ChattanoogaReduce Fall Hazards — And Liability for Accidents

Skylight fall protection also needs to be factored into overall rooftop safety rail system designs. These translucent screens constructed of glass or plastic allow light to shine through, but they are typically not made to absorb the weight of a falling person. Although they are designed to allow only light to pass through, OSHA actually considers these to be holes in a rooftop because of the falling risk. It’s easy to imagine the damage that could happen if someone on the roof fell through a skylight and impacted on a hard concrete surface from a distance of a couple dozen feet.

Unprotected edges impact your company’s liability, which could easily get quite costly if something happens and an employee or visitor gets hurt. This is why regulations require work areas near a roof edge be protected with a barrier. As a lawyer will tell you, if someone goes around a guardrail or barricade, then attempts to sue following an incident, they’re forced to confront and account for at least some responsibility for placing themselves in that situation while the court must acknowledge a company took reasonable action to prevent harm from occurring.

Commercial saftey railing ChattanoogaThings to Remember When Installing Safety Railing Systems

To realize these legal safeguards, of course, the systems installed must be up to code and not create a false sense of security. You want solutions made to last as long as your building does.

When installing safety railing systems, it’s absolutely critical that they be sturdy and durable so they offer long-term protection. These need to be regularly examined as part of routine roofing inspections like the ones offered by Tennessee Roofing & Construction. Using materials manufactured to resist corrosion while exposed to a range of weather conditions year-round ensures greater longevity. It’s important to factor this into decisions when comparing prices from various contractors for safety railing installation.

Also vital is that safety railing systems comply with OSHA and ANSI Fall Protection requirements, as well as occupational health laws. Written or electronic records of inspection should be kept on file during the service life of product. Training on fall protection may be required in addition to the standards and regulations. It is generally a good idea for businesses to schedule safety events to raise awareness of the hazard of falling from elevations and to review fall protection requirements.

Tennessee Roofing & Construction works with clients to make sure railing we design and install meets the codes and project needs.

Flexibility Also Important in Railing Systems

A number of factors go into designing and building a safety rail system. Cost and styling are two of the most important considerations.

The best railing systems do not compromise the architectural appeal of a building and offer some flexibility to install around existing roof obstacles. These systems do not necessarily have to be complicated or offer complete perimeter production; protecting designated core areas while designating safe working areas may be a viable solution.

As general contractors, Tennessee Roofing & Construction can incorporate the design of safety railings and barriers into a new commercial or industrial construction project or add these to existing buildings.

The first step is arranging for the experts from Tennessee Roofing & Construction to visit your site and identify fall protection hazards so we can design complete solutions that ensure both stability and protection. We are here to help you keep your employees safe. Call us at (423) 842-8826 and let’s discuss your fall protection options or learn more about our Safety Railing Systems here.

Monday, January 03, 2022

Happy New Year! To start 2022 off right, you might be searching for a certified installer of commercial roofing systems and products. You want to make the best choice so you can have confidence that your project is in the hands of the best provider. These are the reasons why we believe that Tennessee Roofing & Construction (TRC), Inc. is the best roofing company in Tennessee.

A contractor laying tile on a roof.We Have Experience with Roofs Near You

We have worked with the Darden Food Group (Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze restaurants), Rock-Tenn Co., Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, Winn Dixie/Bi-Lo Stores, Chick-fil-A, ADM, and many more. We also have certified installations of Mule-hide, Carlisle, Firestone, Gen Flex, Durolast, and GAF products nearby. Chances are you frequent one or two of these locations. If you trust the roof over your head then, you can again when we work for you.

Performance is Guaranteed

We offer a two-year performance guarantee with all of our work on new roofing installation or roof leak repairs above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. We are licensed, bonded, and insured for $11 million per project. All of our employees are OSHA and MASHA trained and certified. With the best roofing company in Tennessee you have assurances that you are minimizing risk.

Our Work is Planned to Suit Your Needs

We offer 24-hour service, seven days a week, as well as out-of-town work with a 250-mile radius of Chattanooga, TN. We provide services in many industries, so you know we can adapt to all types of roofing needs. We also have the unique capability to self-perform a wide range of services for our clients. This allows us to provide a quality product as well as control costs in these key areas of each project.

TRC is Here to Help YouA completed roofing project.

We offer pre-construction consulting, as well as engineering and design services. TRC provides affordable solutions through cost-effective pricing for repair and maintenance activities to our commercial, hospitality, and industrial customers. We care about building a great working relationship with your company. In 2022, TRC is here to help you!

Tennessee Roofing & Construction, Inc. provides commercial roofing and construction services in and around the Tennessee communities of Chattanooga, Hixson, Cleveland, Dayton, Dunlap, Knoxville, South Pittsburg, and Kimball. Our commercial roofing company based in Chattanooga, TN also services Dalton and Trenton Georgia, and Bridgeport Alabama. Learn more about the best roofing company in Tennessee here!

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Gutter Maintenance and Repair for your Commercial Roof Chattanooga

Regardless of what type of roof your commercial building has, it’s important to properly maintain that roofing system to protect your investment. A big part of commercial roof maintenance is gutter cleaning, as well as regular inspections to ensure everything is in ship shape. During the fall season, especially, high winds, heavy rains, and falling leaves and debris can clog gutters, pile up on roofing surfaces, block downspouts, and inhibit proper drainage.

Ponding water, particularly on flat roofs, can also occur and lead to severe building damage if left unattended. Moisture and debris left on roofing surfaces can also lead to the development of mold and fungus, draw insects and other pests, and can eventually lead to the deterioration of roofing materials, compromising the integrity of the roof itself and, in extreme cases, even the building at large.

Blocked gutters can also cause issues with other parts of the building, with the overflow of water making its way to sidewalks, damaging landscaping, or even becoming a slip hazard for employees and customers traveling to and from the structure. This is why it’s important to invest in regular maintenance for your commercial roof and gutter system.

Gutter Maintenance and Repair for your Commercial Roof

Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Gutters in Good Shape

Maintenance– We can’t stress enough the importance of regular roof maintenance and gutter maintenance to catch and address issues early. You should have your commercial roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor at least once per year. Your gutters and downspouts should be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure proper drainage.

Trim Trees– It’s also important to keep nearby trees trimmed, cutting them away from the roofing system by at least 3 feet. This also helps to limit the amount of leaves and debris that reach the roof and gutters, clogging them and causing issues.

Visually Inspect– Visually inspecting the exterior of your commercial building to check for signs of problems is also extremely important. Check the gutters and downspouts to ensure they are properly secured to the building, looking for signs of corrosion, rust, separation at seams, and any other signs of a problem.

Keep Gutters Clean– This one may sound strange, but another part of proper gutter maintenance is to keep your gutters free from any mold or mildew that may grow. Mold and mildew can eat away at the gutter materials over time, eventually causing problems. Clean the gutters’ surfaces with a combination of 3 parts water, and one part bleach when necessary.

Work with Professionals– Build a relationship with a team of roofing professionals who can help with proper maintenance and inspection as needed. It’s important to rely on the experts when it comes to any kind of repair or heavy-duty maintenance that may be required for your commercial roof, and our team at Tennessee Roofing & Construction is here to assist!

Contact our team today with any questions about maintaining your commercial roof, to schedule an inspection, or for any other roofing or construction needs. We’d love to work with you.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What to Look For in a Commercial Roofer Chattanooga

Finding dependable and efficient contractors can be a grueling task. There’s a lot to consider, from their experience and customer reviews to the scope of services offered, and so much more. So when you’re on the hunt for a commercial roofer Chattanooga, you’ll want to make sure you go with someone who ticks all the boxes.

If it’s time to have your business’s roof inspected, repaired, or even replaced altogether, our expert team at Tennessee Roofing and Construction can help. We offer a full range of construction and commercial roofing services in the area, and here are 5 reasons why you should choose Tennessee Roofing and Construction for your next commercial roofing project in the southeast.

1– Quality and Timely Service.

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case you have a roofing emergency, and we service customers within a 250-mile radius of Chattanooga, TN. That means we’re here when you need us most, and we’re committed to doing the job effectively and efficiently in every last project.

2– We’re Certified.

Every contractor on our team at Tennessee Roofing and Construction is commercially trained and certified to meet OSHA and MASHA standards. We care about quality and safety for them, and for you.

3– We’re Always Professional.

Our skilled team of professional roofers is licensed, bonded, and insured for up to $11 million per commercial roofing project. That means you never have to worry about what ifs.

What to Look For in a Commercial Roofer Chattanooga

4– We Guarantee Our Work.

When you work with TRC for your commercial roofing needs, you can rest assured that we’ll stand behind our work. We offer a 2-year performance guarantee on all new roofing installations, as well as roof leak repairs above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

5– We Prioritize the Customer Experience.

Our team strives to create a positive experience for every commercial roofing customer. That means we put as much care and craftsmanship into every interaction with you as we do your commercial roofing system itself.

Ready to get the ball rolling on your commercial roofing or construction project? For more information about our roofing and construction services, or to discuss a quote for work you need, contact our team for a pre-construction consultation, or for engineering/design assistance in the commercial realm.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide to Roof Replacement Chattanooga

Whether it’s due to everyday wear and tear, severe weather, or even a natural disaster, eventually every roof will need to be replaced. Of course, roof replacement is a complicated job that requires experienced and professional roofing contractors who are versed in ensuring your roofing system is safe and secure once again. But where exactly do you begin when you know it’s time for roof replacement Chattanooga? This step-by-step guide can help you prepare to have your commercial roof replaced.

Step 1– Find the Right Contractor for the Task

Before you begin the roof replacement process, you first need to find a great commercial roofing company to work with. This is a big job, and a big investment, and you’ll want to make sure that the job is done well, with the right materials, and on time and budget. You’ll want to find a company to work with that is professional, communicates clearly, and has a great track record of doing stellar commercial roofing work in your area. Our team at Tennessee Roofing and Construction has a long history of completing an array of commercial roofing and construction projects in the area, and we pride ourselves on a solid reputation within the Chattanooga community.

Step 2– Decide on Roofing Style/Materials

Whether you’re having an old roof replaced or working on a new construction project, you’ll need to assess the building type, weather patterns for the existing area, and goals for the structure before settling on a roof type. Our team can help with this. Some roofing materials are more appropriate for certain climates and regions than others. Tennessee Roofing & Construction can help you determine what makes most sense for your commercial building, whether that is asphalt shingles, slate, metal, or some other type of roofing material.

Step 3– Remove Old Roofing

Out with the old. Before a new roof can be installed, the old roofing material will need to be removed from the site. Though removing an old roof may seem simple, it can actually be a rather involved step of the roof replacement process. It requires manpower, the right equipment, and a proper avenue for responsibly disposing of the old roofing materials. This also requires proper timing. You don’t want to have the old roofing system removed until you’re ready to immediately install the new roof. This can leave your structure susceptible to damage and problems. Work with your contractor for a timeline that is feasible and achievable.

Step 4– Prepare the Roof Surface for New Installation

This step also depends on the type of commercial roofing system being installed; however, no matter what materials are being used, it’s important to adequately prep the site for a successful install. The construction team will use a roofing underlayment that is waterproof which will be placed between the wood decking and the roofing materials being used. This is purposed to prevent water from rain, snow, or melting ice from seeping into the wood and causing damage to the roof’s surface. The team may also install a drip edge, or a piece of non-corrosive metal, along the edges of the roof that also helps prevent water from damaging the decking.

A Comprehensive Guide to Roof Replacement Chattanooga

Step 5– New Roof Installation

The next phase is installing the new roofing materials. Of course, time required for installation depends on factors such as size of structure and roofing type selected, but when you work with TRC, our team will communicate with you so there are no surprises.

Step 6– Clean Up & Inspection

After the roof replacement or new installation has been completed, the crew will diligently clean up after the job. When the job site is appropriately cleaned up, it’ll be time for a final roofing inspection to ensure the work has been done immaculately. Once our team is satisfied that the new roof meets quality standards, the job is considered complete.

If you have any roofing questions or you are in need of a quote for your commercial roof replacement in Chattanooga, contact our team at Tennessee Roofing and Construction today. We’d be happy to help!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Benefits of a Green Roof for Your Chattanooga Building

At Tennessee Roofing and Construction, we know roofs! From shingle roofs to metal roofing to commercial roof repairs, our expert team is versed in every aspect of this industry. One roofing trend that has gained recent attention and popularity is the idea of green roofs. These roofing systems are not only green, but also they are living.

What is a Green Roof?

Along with environmentally friendly materials, a green roof or eco-roof involves growing plants on rooftops, such as a roof garden, in effort to restore the area’s natural footprint that was eliminated during the building’s construction. While generally limited to flat rooftops, a green roof can be implemented on most commercial rooftops; commercial structures are often park-like for public recreation. One of the most famous American green rooftops is the one at Chicago’s City Hall, which has essentially launched an eco-movement of the urbanized concrete jungle.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Green roofs come with a whole slew of benefits that make them a great option for certain buildings and applications. These benefits include:

  • Increasing the lifespan of your roof
  • Reducing energy costs with the natural insulation plants provide
  • Avoiding the need for complex drainage systems due to absorbed storm water
  • Mitigation of water runoff and sewer overflows
  • Production of oxygen
  • Potential for added shade
  • Recreational area for people and animals
  • Improvement of air quality and reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect, a condition in which metropolitan areas emit, absorb, and trap heat as a result of excess energy consumption.
  • Promotion of environmentalism while potentially eliminating some of the problems that come with conventional roofing systems
  • Reduction of energy consumption that contributes to global warming

Depending on region, climate, and irrigation, a variety of shrubs, grasses, and other types of vegetation can be planted to add life to an otherwise unwelcoming rooftop. These green roofing systems not only render spaces more efficient, but also beautify them and add usefulness. All this being said, just like any roof, the layers of a green roof must accommodate for drainage in order to protect the structure by way of advanced waterproofing materials. One such material, Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), features membranes that are resistant to high winds and hail damage, serving to improve long-term durability and weatherability of the roofing system on the whole.

Benefits of a Green Roof for Your Chattanooga Building

Your Chattanooga Roofing Contractors

Our commercial Chattanooga roofing contractors at Tennessee Roofing & Construction offer advanced roofing solutions for any variety of problems clients may face. TRC provides quick response and cost effective pricing for repair and maintenance activities for our commercial, hospitality and industrial customers, and we can also work with customers to implement new roofing systems and solutions that make most sense for their specific applications.

Tennessee Roofing & Construction provides commercial roofing services in and around the Tennessee communities of Chattanooga, Hixson, Cleveland, Dayton, Dunlap, Knoxville, South Pittsburg and Kimball. We also service Dalton and Trenton Georgia, and Bridgeport Alabama. Call us at (423) 842-8826 or contact us online for a free consultation today.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Rooftop Safety Railings Chattanooga

Ensuring your commercial roof is as safe as possible is paramount, and professionally-installed rooftop safety railings are a critical form of fall prevention. Of course, these railings can be fully customized to fit your unique roofing situation and specifications. At the end of the day, guardrail systems serve as the perfect preventative measure to protect your employees and others who need roof access from falls and accidents. If you are in need of rooftop safety railings in Chattanooga for your building, our team can help!

Meeting OSHA Standards for Safety

Our roofing experts at Tennessee Roofing & Construction can assess your roofing system, look into usage and specifics surrounding your business, and make professional recommendations about what rooftop safety railings make the most sense for your building. We specialize in creating custom solutions for customers with all different types of buildings and roofs. It may be that you need a permanent safety railing solution, or perhaps you just need something temporary. Either way, our team can help you assess this need and decide how best to move forward.

Is the Roof Guardrail OSHA Compliant?

Of course, all of our installed rooftop safety railings in Chattanooga are designed to meet OSHA standards for safety. But here are a few things to consider in regard to meeting or exceeding those requirements.
Your top rail must be 42” tall from the walking surface of your roofing system.
The middle rail is halfway between the top rail and the walking surface.
The rail is strong enough to withstand a 200-pound force in a downward or an outward direction.

Rooftop Safety Railings Chattanooga

Permanent or Temporary Rooftop Safety Railings

When it comes to fall protection systems, there are a lot of different options to choose from. The railing type that will work best for your building will be determined by various factors like what type of roofing system you have. First of all, you’ll need to figure out if your need for rooftop safety railings is permanent or just temporary.

Some things to consider are:

  • Do you have any concerns about the longevity of your railing system?
  • How often do people need roof access at your building or business?
  • What kind of work is being done on the roof?

If you’re having construction done, it’s possible that you only need a temporary solution for rooftop safety railings, but depending on the circumstances, your need may be a more permanent one to ensure ongoing safety. Our team at Tennessee Roofing & Construction can help you assess and address your specific needs, offering up the best, safest, and most cost-effective solutions for you. Work with our team to ensure the safety of yours today, and let us install a custom rooftop safety railing system for your commercial roof.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

7 Signs You May Need to Consider Chattanooga Roof Replacement

The thing about roofs is they don’t last forever. Even the best materials and installation will, over time, wear down and require repairs and eventually replacement. But how do you know when it’s time to spring for a new commercial or residential roof? Here are seven signs that you may need a Chattanooga roof replacement. If you determine that the time is now for your roof to get a face lift, contact our expert team at Tennessee Roofing and Construction, and we’ll take great care of you.

1– Bald Spots

If your roof has spots where the granules are missing, that may indicate that it’s time to replace the roof. Those roofing materials work to protect your home or building from the elements and debris, but when the granules wear off, there is nothing there to protect your investment.

2– Curling or Cracked Shingles

Even though shingles are manufactured for durability and lasting performance, they’re not infallible. Many factors can lead to the accelerated deterioration of roofing materials, specifically shingles, such as your roofing system not being properly ventilated. When shingles are curling, cupped, and cracking, it’s time to get a professional on the scene. (We mean us.)

3– Your Roof is at Least 20 Years Old

Again, roofs don’t last forever. Different roofing types and different roofing materials yield different results as far as lifespan goes, but if your roof is getting on up there in years, it’s time to have it inspected and potentially replaced. Check your records to see when the current roofing system was installed, and go from there.

4– Your Neighbors Are Getting New Roofs

Another sign that it might be time for that Chattanooga roof replacement is that all your neighbors are having new roofs put on their homes or buildings. Generally, homes in the same neighborhoods are built around the same time, so a neighbor’s new roof can be a good indication that it’s also time for you to consider replacement.

5– It is Visibly Old and Worn

You can tell a lot about the state of your roof visually. If it looks like it’s in rough shape, it probably is. If your roof looks like it’s seen better days, that’s a good indication that it’s time to show it some TLC.

7 Signs You May Need to Consider Chattanooga Roof Replacement

6– Dark Streaks

Again, you can tell a lot about the state of your roof by looking at it. Some roofs, over time, begin to develop dark streaks on them from airborne algae and other elements that can stain the shingles. These streaks and stains can be unsightly, and adversely affect the appearance of your property.

7– Moss

Moss can begin to grow on rooftops, especially on ones that don’t get much sunlight, or that are in cool, moist environments. Not only can that moss become a cosmetic problem, but also it holds moisture against the roofing materials which can, in time, begin to cause the granules on roofing materials to deteriorate. The presence of this moss causes the material of the shingles to break down, rendering it less effective at protecting your home or property from rain, etc. This can lead to leaks, and other more severe damage if left untreated.

If any of these warning signs sound familiar to you, it just might be time to consider a Chattanooga roof replacement. If that’s where you find yourself, we hope you’ll reach out to our dedicated construction team at Tennessee Roofing and Construction for a free quote. We’d love to get your roofing system back up to par, protecting your investment. We offer an array of services in both the residential and commercial realms.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Summer Storms & Your Chattanooga Roof– Avoid Storm Damage this SeasonSummer in the southeast can be a lot of fun. The pools are open, the creeks are cold, and the sun is blazing. But what about all those summer storms that roll through from time to time? Is your roof in good enough condition to withstand the elements this coming season? Maybe it’s time for a Chattanooga roof inspection, repair, or other roofing services to ensure your home or business is ready to weather the storms.

Heavy Wind Damage to Your Roof

One thing to be aware of when it comes to summer storms is the heavy winds they bring, and the toll they can take on your commercial or residential roof. Heavy wind can actually cause some pretty serious roof damage. Winds can not only tear off shingles, especially if they are loose or damaged, but also heavy wind can also destroy the underlayment materials and adhesives that generally keep your roof intact. This can be avoided with regular roof inspections and preventative maintenance.

Storm Damage from Heavy Rain

Your roofing system exists to shelter and protect you and your belongings from the elements. That said, that doesn’t mean that your roof is completely immune to rain damage. Missing tiles, cracked shingles, improper installation, and lack of maintenance can leave your roof susceptible to water damage from leaks. This is why it’s important to fix issues when they are minor to avoid further damages or more intense consequences.

Summer Storms & Your Chattanooga Roof– Avoid Storm Damage this SeasonHail Damage

Hail can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, to your home, property, car, and landscaping. In regard to your roof, hail can cause your roofing materials to become dented, which can eventually lead to cracks, and then water leaking into your home or business. Hail storms can also wreak a special brand of havoc on gutters, drainage systems, and downspouts. This can result in drainage systems that are less effective, which of course, can lead to other problems with your property.

Work With TN Roofing & Construction

The best way to ensure your roofing system at your home or business is summer storm ready, is to work with our team of experienced contractors at Tennessee Roofing & Construction. We can inspect your Chattanooga roof, and make suggestions for any repairs that may be necessary to help prolong the life of your commercial or residential roof, and protect your investment.

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