Offering metal stairs, railing designs, and erection in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

Tennessee Roofing & Construction understands the importance of quality and timeliness to Chattanooga metal staircases, custom railing designs, and erection. When working on large or small metal stair projects that involve architectural and structural complexity, our experience comes in handy.

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What Goes Into Erecting Metal Stairs and Railing Systems?

When it comes to erecting metal stairs and railing designs, trust Tennessee Roofing & Construction (TRC) for all of your building and safety needs. Tennessee Roofing & Construction will provide any labor, tools, and equipment necessary to safely and adequately erect any metal stairs and railing designs. 

With a team of talented experts who handle every stage of the stair construction process, TRC has years of experience building both commercial and residential stairways using high-strength metal. Our custom-built stairways are perfect for all types of applications, whether you need a single stair, multi-tier steps, spiral staircases, or multi-level industrial stairways. In addition to building stairs that function as intended, we can design them to match their surroundings regarding design and aesthetics.


Commercial and Residential— Metal Staircases and Railing Designs

When building customized stair systems, space is the most prominent consideration in commercial buildings. There are many types of projects, and you may need a large, open floor plan to complete your project, or you may have a limited amount of space to work with. Our staircases are built to fit perfectly and to have a solid visual impact regardless of your design constraints. To create unique stairs designed to enhance your property, our team of craftsmen manufactures them on-site using the best materials.


How Should the Jobsite be Prepared?

For the delivery of materials and erection machinery to be able to reach the site, the job site must be clean and accessible. Moreover, this work area must not contain any existing structures which are not connected to the metal staircase system. Access to the job site allows us to deliver, store, and layout materials to install your metal staircases quickly and efficiently.


Tennessee Roofing & Construction can help with metal stairs, railings design, and erection!

At TRC, safety is of the utmost importance to us. We want to minimize risk while maximizing the stability and strength of your metal stair system. We have years of expertise in numerous safety situations, and we would love to present our knowledge and awareness to you to ensure you receive the very best installation. Working with our experts is a seamless process involving the highest customer service possible. For additional information on metal stairs, railings design, and erection in Chattanooga, call Tennessee Roofing and Construction at 423-842-8826 or contact us online.