sustainable commercial roofing chattanoogaFor some clients, there’s a conscious desire to make sure “sustainability” is a factor in their commercial roofing design. The term generally refers to avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance, as well as the ability to be maintain something at a certain rate or level as time passes.

As it turns out, environmentally-friendly practices can also pay off in energy savings from reduced power consumption while also lowering carbon dioxide emissions that scientists warn get trapped in the atmosphere, warming the Earth.

Tennessee Commercial Roofing & Construction (TRC) — our locally owned, commercial roofing and general contracting company located in Chattanooga, TN — provides expertise in commercial, hospitality, industrial and residential construction. When we design for “sustainability”, we’re focused on achieving high-performance design, construction, maintenance, and life-cycle components and practices that meet long-term environmental standards.