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3 Winter Weather Roof Hazards

Chattanooga commercial roof Winter Weather Roof HazardsWinter takes a toll on the roof, especially in harsh climates. Extreme temperatures and weather conditions can create problems that may lead to costly commercial roofing repairs, if not properly maintained. Here are 3 winter weather roof hazards to avoid:

Ice & Snow Buildup

While we may not get much snow down in the south, it has happened. Because most commercial roofing is not pitched, it can allow for the accumulation of rainwater, snow or snowmelt. The winter weather hazard for your commercial roof occurs in climates with below freezing temperatures. When temperatures drop, rainwater or snowmelt freezes and/or refreezes in a freeze thaw cycle, creating an ice dam. The result? The roof may hold a significant amount of weight from water ponding, if not properly drained. Ponding water can severely shorten the longevity of your commercial roof, as it can cause leaks and long-term structural damage.

Wind Damage

Because flat roofs aren’t completely flat (allowing for water run off), there is still a chance for wind damage, just as with any pitched roof. While commercial roofs are tolerable to windy conditions, excess winds can damage the roof, allowing moisture to get underneath roofing materials.

Is your Chattanooga commercial roof ready for winter? Here are three tips to get ready!

  • Identify leaks sooner than later – Snow and ice buildup can make finding and repairing leaks harder.
  • Schedule a roof inspection in Chattanooga – Following your detailed roof inspection, we will report any issues for repair.
  • Repair and prepare – Tennessee Roofing will repair penetrations, curbs, skylights, ducts, and flashings, as needed.

Our Tennessee Roofing professional will check for areas for loose seals, signs of standing water, water damage, or things like rusted flashing and metal fasteners. While defects in flashing and sealant failure at penetrations are the leading causes of leaks, splits in the membrane, separations at seams, ridges, blisters and deterioration are also red flags that must be addressed before it’s too late. Neglecting to repair a damaged commercial roof this winter may lead to building damage, which can be dangerous and costly. Call Tennessee Roofing & Construction to repair and winterize your Chattanooga commercial roof today!

How to: Choose a Commercial Roofer

How to choose a Chattanooga commercial rooferAre you looking to repair or replace your roof? If you answered yes, the next question you may ask yourself is,

“How to choose a Chattanooga commercial roofer?”

When choosing, it is important to note years of experience, reviews, licensing, face to face interview, professionalism, proposal, and price to choose the best roofing company for your Chattanooga industrial or commercial roof.

Here are the 6 steps to hiring a quality, professional contractor:

  1. Choose Local: Look for local contractors in the Chattanooga area that specialize in commercial roofing.
  2. In Person Interview: Meet for a sit down overview of supplies, labor, and cost. This can help you decide which Chattanooga roofing contractor is best fit for the job.
  3. Proof of Insurance: We recommend that you never hire a contractor, of any kind, without proof of licenses, permits, worker’s comp, a well as insurance.
  4. Estimated Time on the Job: Know up front how long a job will take and the available staff on hand to complete the job.
  5. Previous Commercial Roofing Experience: Inquire about past experience and ask to see a roofing portfolio for examples, if available.
  6. Ask Previous Clients and Read Reviews! The power of social sharing can help you determine a quality Chattanooga commercial contractor, like Tennessee Roofing and Construction!

Tennessee Roofing and Contracting is a certified installer of commercial roofing systems and products. We focus on commercial construction, hospitality, and industrial construction throughout Tennessee and Georgia. Call us today for your free commercial roofing estimate!

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