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Commercial Roof Repairs Chattanooga: Recognizing the Signs of Roof Damage

Commercial Roof Repairs Chattanooga

Commercial Roof Repairs & Maintenance Services Chattanooga

Roof leaks can be unpredictable, so it is important to spot deterioration early and act fast to begin commercial roof repairs in Chattanooga. The damage may result from severe weather events that are difficult to predict, a bad installation, rooftop traffic causing wear and tear over time, or neglect by failing to invest in regular maintenance services to inspect the facility.

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Commercial Flat Roof Types: Which is the Best Choice?

commercial flat roof typesWhen considering a commercial roof for your structure, you must consider the right materials and construction choices for the particular job.

Is a flat roof the best choice for your needs? What commercial roof type should you choose? Are materials from one manufacturer or one installation process better than another?

While these choices are ultimately yours to make, a Chattanooga TN commercial roofing contractor like Tennessee Roofing & Construction can offer recommendations based on our experiences installing and maintaining various commercial roof types over a long period. In this blog, we look more closely at flat roofs and the materials used for them.

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3 Factors That Affect the Long-Term Performance of a Commercial Roof Installation

commercial roof installationWhen you invest in a commercial roof installation for your business or industrial facility, you need to get the best long-term performance for a better return on money spent. Tennessee Roofing, your local commercial roofing contractor, takes a look at 3 factors that can affect how long your roofing lasts before needing replacement:

Quality of Installation

Obviously, this makes a huge difference in the durability of your roof. Allowing just anyone to install a ceiling, failing to consider their experience and skills, can lead to disasters such as leaks and poor ventilation. Such risks demonstrate why the smart choice is to pick a contractor licensed, insured and bonded with satisfied customers across a variety of industries. You should rest easy, and confident that your contractor won’t take your money and leave you with a botched installation. A bad installation might leave you with premature roof replacement, unbudgeted repairs, injured staff, or lawsuits.

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TN Roofing Specialist Can Suggest The Right Roof For Your Climate

Did you know that the type of roof that is best for your home or commercial building has everything to do with the climate you’re in? You might think a roof is a roof is a roof, and that there are only two major deciding factors to the type you pick: price point and aesthetics. But there are a lot more functional factors to take into consideration, and to discuss with your TN roofing specialist. A hot, humid climate like we have in the Southeast requires different things of a roof than those in colder climates.

The pitch of the roof has a lot to do with climate. Flat roofs, for example, are popular for how simple and cost effective they are to build. But this style isn’t as effective when covered with a lot of snow or in areas that see a lot of rainfall. Because the precipitation accumulates on top of the roof, rather than sliding off as it would with an A-frame or sloped roof, that weight can cause a lot of structural strain on a building, or increase the likelihood of leaks.Home builders in hot climates tend toward designs with deeper overhangs to produce more shade, while builders in colder or more overcast areas will want less overhang to maximize the amount of natural light that enters a home.

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Tennessee Roofing Company Will Get Your Roof Reindeer Ready!


Winter is officially here, even in the southeast. We may have only gotten a few flurries so far, but that should be warning enough that more serious weather could soon be on its way. It’s not too late to perform some basic roof maintenance before you’re in the position of requiring costly repairs. Whether at your home or business, the roof is any building’s first line of defense against heat loss, water damage, infestation from vermin looking for a cozy winter nest, or mold.

The first step is to attend to your gutters. Now that leaves are done falling, it’s time to scoop out whatever accumulated in your gutters and give them a good rinse. Cap your downspouts with wire mesh, if necessary, to prevent clogs, and make sure your gutters are still level and well-mounted so the water flows the right direction and doesn’t pool or accumulate. Also trim back any trees or vegetation that might be scraping the roof, dropping branches or giving pests a path up, or pushing the gutters out of alignment.

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