first time home buyer roof inspection Chattanooga

If you are in the process of buying a house, there can be a multitude of “deal breakers” out there that can sink your sale. Buyers, specifically first time home buyers, beware! While the process is lengthy, be mindful not to overlook any potential problem areas on the roof; as it could be costly down the road. Do your homework and fully understand all the quirks of the home you are purchasing. In most cases, your home inspector should identify a problematic roof if there are any visible signs of damage; i.e. dark rings on the ceiling, peeling paint, missing shingles, etc. Note: Buyers beware, the most costly deal breaker often lies on the roof.

Even though a properly-maintained roof can last up to 30 years or more, not all roofs are cut from the same shingle. Whether dealing with an incorrect installation or low-quality materials, you may need to replace the roof much sooner than you originally anticipated.

Before closing day, complete the following:

  1. Ask the seller how old the roof is and for any repair documents or permits that show previous roof repair or replacement.
  2. Hire an inspector to evaluate the condition of the roof and gutters to make sure the drainage system is working properly.
  3. If the home owner has already performed a home inspection prior to going under contract, ask to review it. A qualified real estate agent can guide you through the process, as well as provide specific advice for attaining all inspection documents.

Just because a roof is older, doesn’t mean that the seller will lower the price. However, it is negotiable if the roof hasn’t been properly maintained and if imminent repairs are required. In such case, you can request that the sellers replace the roof as a part of the home inspection repairs, although they don’t have to agree to it. If they refuse to replace the roof or lower the sale price, you have a decision: pay to have the roof replaced or walk away from the house.

It pays to get a roofer to do a proper inspection, either before you make the offer or during the contract phase of the negotiations. Give Tennessee Roofing & Contracting a call today to schedule your Chattanooga roof inspection today!