Roof Repair Chattanooga: Protecting Your Investment

Roof Repair ChattanoogaTennessee Roofing and Construction offers our commercial, hospitality and industrial customers roof repair and maintenance solutions that are affordable and can extend the life of your building for the maximum return on investment.

Long-lasting facilities start with quality pre-construction consulting, engineering and design services. Many of our customers in and around the Tennessee communities of Chattanooga, Hixson, Cleveland, Dayton, Dunlap, Knoxville, South Pittsburg and Kimball choose Tennessee Roofing and Construction to successfully complete their commercial and industrial roofing projects. Because of our experience meeting the high standards of major national retail brands, our certified installers of high-quality products, and our 2-year performance guarantee on roof installations and roof leak repairs above the beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, our client’s know when they work with us they will receive a quality they can trust.

Considering the large financial investment these companies make, protecting their roofs and prolonging their life so it does not need replaced prematurely becomes critical. Owners pay an average of 25¢ per square foot annually for commercial roof maintenance, but those who inspect and repair routinely — being proactive before problems happen than reactive — spend an average of only 14¢ per square foot annually. Plus, proactively maintained roofs last an average of 21 years compared to an average lifespan of 13 years for reactive maintenance, according to a survey published in the industry trade journal “Roofing Contractor”.

In this month’s blog, we want to offer some Roof Maintenance Tips to make your roof last as long as possible.

Tennessee Roofing and Construction is licensed, bonded and insured, offering a 2 year performance guarantee with all of our work on new roofing installation or roof leak repairs above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.


Waging War on the Elements: Protecting Roofs from Moisture, Heat Damage and Pests

1. Choose High Quality Products Installed by Skilled Professionals

Choosing the right materials and making sure they are installed properly is key to producing a leak-proof roof that offers long-term durability. Materials selection will account for minimizing the need for maintenance and establishing high weatherability before the building is completed. It is critical to get an accurate determination of your roof’s projected lifespan and factor this into decisions about whether to make compromises as short-term cost-cutting measures. Failing to do so can end up costing more in the long run due to unexpected costs resulting from emergency repairs.

2. Commit to Regular Maintenance and Inspection of Roofing

Once a construction project ends, it needs to be followed by maintenance activities and a plan for quick response to daily exposure to the impacts of weather over time. Tennessee Roofing and Construction offers cost-effective pricing to extend care and service by our highly trained professionals. Choosing experienced contractors who know how to use the latest technology takes the guesswork out of roof repair and maintenance decisions. Having the same company perform maintenance that did the original installation speeds up repairs as the builder will know the original products used because they installed them, plus there’s less chance of human error or finger-pointing if other problems arise.

Regular Roof Inspection enables us to detect any signs of roof penetrations, flashings or distress areas. Over time, even the best roofing materials will start to blister, curl or crack when exposed to months and years of harsh direct sunlight in the summers, followed by mildew, insect activity, and rotting of leaves that might accumulate from nearby trees and gradually decompose, allowing moisture to collect. The inspector’s findings put the customer in a position to anticipate and deal with any deterioration before problems develop. It’s far less costly to be proactive rather than reactive. Keeping a regular inspection schedule prevents small issues from escalating into bigger ones. Companies do not want to be in a position to hurt company cash flow with urgent and large-scale repairs seemingly out of nowhere.

3. Anticipate the Impact of Other Elements on the Property to Roofing

The tree next to your structure may add an aesthetic touch or help to cool your building in the summer, but some tree-trimming is a good idea to prevent the build-up of leaves, abrasion from limbs, and the access to your roof that overhanging branches can give to squirrels and other rodents that can gnaw on roofing and siding materials. Make sure you leave the tree-trimming to the pros, though, or you can cause damage by trying to prevent other damage. Branches should be at least 10 feet away from your roof to keep pests away,

4. Communicate About Major Impact Events

While routine scheduled Roof Inspection will detect most issues that might occur, companies still need to pay close attention to any problems arising from extraordinary events such as heavy rain, snow or ice events. Each wind or hail storm should be followed by a quick check for noticeable damage. This can often be accomplished by viewing through binoculars rather than climbing a ladder to inspect. If anything seems affected, ask the roofer to examine it ASAP. Also, take care when removing ice buildup on the roof. A telescoping pole can be used from ground level to carefully dislodge accumulations of snow before it freezes into ice formations; attempting to pry off the ice that’s already formed can damage a roof.

5. Limit Access to Roofing Areas and Take Care of Materials

Limiting who can go on the roof of a commercial structure is a wise idea to limit liability, and this extends to minimizing the impact of foot traffic which can cause wear on materials and expose seams where moisture can enter and accumulate. A staffer with a leaf blower or a garden hose might be able to remove some of the leaves from a roof, but it’s a good idea to contact the roofing company before, say, using a pressure washer that might complete their task faster but also potentially force water into areas where it needs to stay out. Care also needs to be taken by third parties such as HVAC repair technicians or window washers, for example.

6. Prepare for Long-Term Roof Repair or Replacement

A roof inspection can determine the condition of a roof and help decide at what point in the future to repair or restore roofing systems. A good rule of thumb is to consider fixing your roof (versus a complete replacement) if it will survive its original service life expectancy without exceeding the cost of a new roof.

7. Stick With One Company for Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

When choosing a commercial roofing contractor or a vendor to perform roofing repairs and maintenance, customers should make sure they use a company that is appropriately licensed and has experience with the proposed roofing system.

Roof Repair Chattanooga: Call on the Experts in TN Roofing and Construction

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