commercial roof installationWhen you invest in a commercial roof installation for your business or industrial facility, you need to get the best long-term performance for a better return on money spent. Tennessee Roofing, your local commercial roofing contractor, takes a look at 3 factors that can affect how long your roofing lasts before needing replacement:

Quality of Installation

Obviously, this makes a huge difference in the durability of your roof. Allowing just anyone to install a ceiling, failing to consider their experience and skills, can lead to disasters such as leaks and poor ventilation. Such risks demonstrate why the smart choice is to pick a contractor licensed, insured and bonded with satisfied customers across a variety of industries. You should rest easy, and confident that your contractor won’t take your money and leave you with a botched installation. A bad installation might leave you with premature roof replacement, unbudgeted repairs, injured staff, or lawsuits.

Roof Design

Before the construction services begin, engineering and design services go hand-in-hand with preconstruction consulting to make sure your roof can stand the test of time and the elements.

  • Will a flat roof design lead to water damage from rainwater? Is an angled roof needed for rainwater to slide off?
  • What local building codes and restrictions affect the rooftop installation? The climatic and environmental conditions in the geographic location? The rooftop aesthetics sought by the architect?
  • How much rooftop accessibility and foot traffic can be expected?

Such considerations lead to design choices, with future preventive maintenance factored into such decisions to account for roofing resiliency and durability. The design stage gives commercial roofing contractors in Chattanooga TN and other areas the chance to build-in water channels to prevent rain pooling on a flat roof, for example.

Quality of Roofing Materials Used

Avoid the temptation to cut costs by using cheap roofing materials because you won’t save money in the long-term. We offer materials from a full line of top-quality roofing product manufacturers such as GAF, Duro-Last, Mule-Hide, Genflex and Star Building Systems. Materials used can affect wind resistance, reduce heat loss, save energy, etc.

Even the sturdiest commercial roofs will start to fail if affected by certain factors, but good materials and regular maintenance can extend the life of a well-installed roof. Trust the experts in local commercial roof installation. Contact our Chattanooga General Contractors today at 423-842-8826 or contact us online for more information on our commercial roofing company or construction services.

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