Tennessee Roofing and Construction offers general contracting services, including major commercial building jobs, but did you know that we also provide professional Roof Inspections in the Chattanooga, northwest Georgia, and northeast Alabama areas?

Roof inspections are a critical part of maintaining the health and longevity of your structure. A qualified inspection can determine the integrity of your roof, how long it should last and whether repairs are needed to extend its longevity. Annual inspections are particularly important in parts of the country where higher amounts of snow and hail happen, in addition to the routine wear and tear that comes with time passing.

Roof Inspections Offer Peace of Mind

Chattanooga Roof InspectionsStructure owners may dread inspections for fear of costs of repairs if and when some problem spots are found, but it is far better to get in front of any issues than to react in the event of a major problem. Most disasters begin as small troubles that can magnify if they go unattended for prolonged periods, evolving into full-on catastrophes. The drip-drip-drip of a minor leak can eventually become the source of major damage to occupants or possessions after one heavy rainstorm.

Plus, some discoveries can end up saving money, as is the case when detecting spots where heat is escaping through the roof. Finding and repairing things like this can add up to lots of saved pennies.

Roofing inspections help keep insurance premiums lower

It makes perfect sense for companies to protect their investments. Insurance companies and lenders may require roof inspections to make sure they aren’t hit with claims due to the negligence of a commercial property owner or homeowner they cover. Arranging for a roof inspection is an inexpensive way to keep track of conditions in the same way health insurers want to make sure their policyholders are young and healthy enough to affordably cover. By demonstrating due diligence in caring for your roof, you give insurers the assurances they need to avoid raising your policy rates over any question of your roof’s condition.

What our roof inspectors look for

As detailed elsewhere on this website, Tennessee Roofing & Construction looks for roof penetrations, flashing and distress areas. These appear as blisters, cracks or curling in roofing materials. Owners should make certain to tell the inspector about any problems encountered, especially after a heavy snow or rain event.

We provide roof inspections in and around the Tennessee communities of Chattanooga, Hixson, Cleveland, Dayton, Dunlap, Knoxville, South Pittsburg, and Kimball. We also service Dalton and Trenton Georgia, and Bridgeport Alabama.

To learn more about our Roof Inspection service, contact our Chattanooga general contractors today at (423) 842-8826.

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