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Roof leaks can be unpredictable, so it is important to spot deterioration early and act fast to begin commercial roof repairs in Chattanooga. The damage may result from severe weather events that are difficult to predict, a bad installation, rooftop traffic causing wear and tear over time, or neglect by failing to invest in regular maintenance services to inspect the facility.

Recognizing the Signs of Roof Damage

Roof Leaks Can Go on for Months without Creating Visible Stains

Commercial Roof Repairs ChattanoogaBy the time a stain appears on the ceiling or a leak is found streaming into the internal structure of a building, the damage is likely already done. Inventory and equipment may need repairing — if they can be salvaged.

That sort of nightmare scenario can put some businesses on life support or, at the very least, demoralize staff if expected bonuses have to be put off a year to instead pay for necessary roof repairs. Neglect can also render some commercial roofing companies’ warranties invalid.

While the best choice is always to factor in a program of roof inspections and maintenance into budgets (how can a company ever have predictable roofing expenses without a plan to keep their roofing performing at its best?), personnel with rooftop access can and should pay attention for signs of roof damage such as:

  • Cracked materials
  • Blistering surfaces
  • Curling at the edges of materials
  • Brittle materials that will easily creak or break under pressure
  • Dingy Water stains on the ceiling
  • Mold on ceilings or walls
  • Standing water that does not evaporate within 48 hours
  • Leaky skylights
  • Icicles or ice dams at the edge of the roofing
  • Missing shingles or tiles
  • Small imperfections or granules after significant hail storms

If you are fortunate, signs of damage may require only basic repair work if caught early enough. Ignored long enough, leaks can rot the infrastructure of your building from the inside out and encourage the growth of dangerous molds.

How does a Program of Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance Work?

Tennessee Roofing & Construction, Inc. (TRC) was established in 1994 and is a certified installer of commercial roofing systems and products. We are licensed, insured and bonded. TRC provides a quick response and cost-effective pricing for repair and maintenance activities for our commercial, hospitality and industrial customers in Chattanooga, TN, Cleveland, Hixson, Dalton, Ga and surrounding areas.

There are four basic parts to a Roof Maintenance Program

Step One: Inspect the Roof

Tennessee Roofing & Construction, Inc. will send qualified technicians to routinely examine the entire roof system. The aim is to identify roof damage before it becomes a major issue.

Step Two: Clean the Roof

All debris will be removed from roof surface and other areas to maintain proper drainage.

Step Three: Repair or Replacement

TRC can assess any damage, then replace or repair deteriorated roof components.

Step Four: Post-Work Reporting

TRC provides an annual summation of work performed and an assessment of roof conditions.

The good news is that most roofs with some deterioration can be restored to a maintainable condition so they can reach their expected useful life or replaced with roofing that will function properly. With proper maintenance and inspections, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your roof is performing as it should.

For additional information on our Commercial Roof Repairs Chattanooga, call Tennessee Roofing and Construction at 423-842-8826 or contact us online.

TRC provides commercial roofing and construction services in and around the Tennessee communities of Hixson, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dayton, Dunlap, Knoxville, Kimball, and South Pittsburg. We also service Dalton and Trenton Georgia, and Bridgeport Alabama.

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