When it comes to your roof, it is best if it just works. Nobody wants to be inside of a building that they own, or a building that someone else owns and finding out that the rood has been compromised. Not only is a leaky roof annoying, but it can also cause damage to the structure of the building and, in some scenarios, lead to unsafe conditions within the building itself. At Tennessee Commercial Roofing & Construction, Inc., we perform a wide range of roofing construction services across Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Our team has years of experience in all aspects of roofing construction and, in today’s blog post, we wanted to go over some of the most common causes of roofing damage. If you haven’t read our previous blog post on common commercial roof issues, we suggest you go back and do so now because this blog further expands on many of the ideas presented in that blog.

4 Causes of Roof Damage to be Aware of

When it comes to maintaining a healthy building infrastructure, the roof is one of the most important elements to consider. Defective roofs can generate significant and often unforeseen expenses to building owners in addition to many other problems if left unchecked.

There are a number of elements that can weaken a roof, meaning that we are only going to cover the most common issues below.

  • Poor Maintenance: Overwhelmingly, poor maintenance of a roof is the leading cause of damage. A roof, like any other man-made structure, needs to be maintained. Even the most well-built buildings require a little TLC. Inspecting your roof on a regular basis is important and, for many building owners, this can be quite beneficial because a regular inspection of your roof can go a long way in identifying small leaks and minor damage that can then be fixed before developing into a larger issue. If you can do one thing in order to make sure that your roof is as healthy as possible, regular maintenance is at the top of the list.
  • Ice Damage: While this particular cause may not be relevant to everyone reading this blog (we’re looking at you Florida), it is safe to say that damage caused to roofs from ice is enough an issue to warrant a mention in this blog. Unfortunately, snow and ice can lead to some major issues when it comes to your roof. As ice and snow thaw on the surface of your roof, small particles of water can settle under shingles or other protective layers. As the temperature drops and these water particles refreeze, it can lift the protective layer, allowing more water into damage the structure of the roof. If you live in an area that experiences freezing in the winter, it is important to check your roof every spring to make sure that no major damage has occurred.
  • Wind Damage: Again, this cause of roofing damage may not be applicable to everyone reading this blog but, for many people across the country, wind damage is a serious cause for concern when it comes to the health of their roof. Even moderate gusts of wind are known to weak shingles, nails, and other roofing materials that hold a roof together. It is estimated that 90 percent of high wind and hail damage claims result in some form of expense related to the roof. If you live in an area that experiences large amounts of wind, it is important to keep an eye on your roof. If you don’t, you may be caught off guard when half of your shingles blow away after a particularly windy day.
  • Improper Installation: Another major cause of roof damage is improper installation. It’s an unfortunate fact that not every roofing contractor is going to do a great job when installing a roof on your building. All it takes is for one worker to feel particularly lazy that day and before you know it, you’re roof is leaking like crazy. Luckily, this cause of roof damage is one of the easiest to avoid. When hiring someone to install or repair your roof, make sure that you go with a respectable company (such as Tennessee Commercial Roofing & Construction, Inc.).

We hope that this blog post has been informative and that you understand a little more about some of the most common causes of roof damage. If you are worried that your roof is damaged or you would simply like to schedule an inspection, please get in touch with us today via our contact page or by giving us a call at 423.842.8826.